You may be reading this, because you may be experiencing a mental illness or you have a family member who is. If you have a cold or the flu, you would go to the doctor, right? So why would you not go to a therapist if you have a mental illness? The question is more complicated than just, yes or no. Mental illness has been seen as a negative part of us as people and this is very unfortunate. I believe that we should have access to medical care just like mental health care as they are so integral to a balanced life and health! Why should you access mental health services? BECAUSE YOU ARE IMPORTANT!! I had a client tell me that they were glad the invested in themselves, because it was life transforming to focus on their mental health! In order to create change and deal with your mental illness, YOU have to make the CHOICE. 

How do you take the first step to accessing counseling? A question that I hear all too often and my answer is simple and to the point-- pick up the phone. I have people who call and don't want to schedule just want to make a connect. Eventually, the person decides "I am ready to work through my stuff." We are all different and deal with things on our own timeline. When you are ready give me a call and I would love to see if I can support you on your journey.

The stigma on mental health in the media is huge and real for a lot of people. You hear a lot of the times the media blame mental health for horrible acts and "lack of funding for support". The mental health gets the blame and while it may have contributed to the act of violence, it is not the only reason.. unfortunately, it gives mental health a bad name. This can deter people from getting help.

In a small private practice, you can get personalized and individual care. People are attracted to private practices, especially in small communities, because of feeling safe and confidentiality of not having to sit in a big waiting room. It is hard to access services where "everyone knows everyone." This is one of my highest priorities in making sure your information is safe and that you feel comfortable sharing your most difficult topics in a space where you can! 

I encourage you to look around for a therapist that theories, strategies, and ideologies mesh with you! As the therapeutic relationship is one of the most important things in creating change and accessing help. 

Be You. Be Happy. Be Well.

Brittany PopeComment