Individual Counseling


About Individual Counseling

Working one-on-one with someone to make change is an area that Be Well Counseling, LLC. is passionate about. We believe that the therapeutic relationship is one of the most important parts of counseling and will help create great results within your life. With our Dialectal Behavioral Therapy education and person-centered approach, we believe our background is a good match for working with people who experience various mental health difficulties. Our goal is meet you where you are at on your journey. With an individualized approach and treatment plan, we would love to help you when you are ready!

Be Well Counseling, LLC. is passionate about working with women who experience depression and anxiety. Are you struggling with motivation? Disconnected from things that you used to be interested in? Anxiety getting in the way of you social life, work, or relationships with family and friends? Be Well Counseling, LLC. is here to work with you to help you cope in healthy ways with depression and anxiety by leaning into the discomfort of these emotions and exploring tools that will help you live a well-balanced life. 

Be Well Counseling, LLC. applies a client-centered approach to therapy and will work with you to meet your needs within your personalized individual session. Through self-compassion work and Dr. Brené Brown's The Daring Way™ and Rising Strong™, we are prepared to support you through areas of your life that you struggle with such as: eating disorders, grief, mental health issues, and much more. 

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